szene instrumental was founded in 1994 by Wolfgang Hattinger with the aim to co-produce portraits of contemporary composers for the Austrian national radio (ORF).


From the very beginning it was conceived as a chamber orchestra for the realisation of specific projects rather than as an ensemble playing the long list of 20th century repertoire.

During its years of existence, szene instrumental realised a wide range of different programs such as contemporary tangos by Astor Piazzolla, multimedia concerts integrating dancers, actors and painters, music based on folk-songs, musical improvisations, music for churches, music for plants, etc.

Since one of the main objectives of szene instrumental is to support and promote young Austrian composers it is regularly giving works in commission and is also performing them. Until today szene instrumental has made over 100 first recordings for Austrian national radio broadcast (some of them especially dedicated to szene instrumental).

szene instrumental has been performing at concert halls throughout Europe and America (Wien, Graz, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Paris, Darmstadt, New York) as well as at several international festivals ("Darmstaedter Ferienkurse fuer Neue Musik", Tage zeitgemaesser Musik Bludenz", "steirsicher herbst - Musikprotokoll", in Graz, "Musik der Religionen" in Innsbruck, Biennale Zagrab). Recordings by szene instrumental were used for electronic adaptations and were presented in Tokyo and Montreal.

wolfgang hattinger

Wolfgang Hattinger

Studied composition, conducting and clarinet at the Music University in Graz. As a musicologist he also worked on questions of contemporary aesthetics in the arts. At present he is teaching musical theory (analysis, counterpoint, harmony) at the Music University as a Universityprofessor in Graz and was the artistic director and producer of a concert series devoted to contemporary music, called "open music". His conducting experiences comprise chamber ensembles as well as symphony orchestras and he has been conducting at the Vereinigte Buehnen Wien and at the Wiener Konzerhaus, Wiener Musikverein, Wiener Staatsoper, Stadttheater Klagenfurt, among others. As a result of his work as a conductor he is highly interested in conflicts and how to handle them. He is educated as a mediator and offers lectures on conflict topics.

Cooperations with:
Klaus Huber,
Isang Yun,
Younghi Pagh-Paan,
Dieter Schnebel,
Georg Friedrich Haas,
Hermann Markus Pressl
Isabel Mundry,
Peter Michael Hamel,
Beat Furrer,
Christine Whittlesey,
Dimitrios Polisoidis,
Janna Polyzoides,
Luis Borda,
Gustavo Battistessa,
Peter Herbert,
Uli Rennert,
Christian Utz,
Margarethe Jungen,
Burkhard Stangl,
Stefano Gervasoni,
Sebastian Claren,
Chaya Czernowin,
Marc André a.o.